Premier League season begins!
Free Bet Campaign

Premier League season begins!
Free Bet Campaign

On the day you deposit USD 100 or more during the campaign period, we’ll give you a USD 30 sports betting bonus!

Each person can earn up to 13 times, once per day, so make sure to join us as often as you can!


USD 30 Bonus (for sports betting and eSports only)
Please note that the bonus will expire 24 hours after the bonus is awarded.

Applicable Games

Sports bets are at odds 1.8 or higher, and eSports are all matches at odds 1.8 or higher.

How to earn bonuses

On the day you deposit USD 100 or more, please request “Sports Bet Bonus” to our chat support.

Start Date・Presentation Day

Start DatePresentation Day
August 4 (Thursday) – 
August 7 (Sunday)August 4 (Thursday) – 
August 7 (Sunday)
August 12 (Friday) – 
August 13 (Saturday)August 12 (Friday) – 
August 13 (Saturday)
August 19 (Friday- 
August 20 (Saturday)August 19 (Friday- 
August 20 (Saturday)
August 26 (Friday)- 
August 27 (Saturday)August 26 (Friday)- 
August 27 (Saturday)
August 29 (Monday) – 
August 31 (Wednesday)August 29 (Monday) – 
August 31 (Wednesday)

Terms and Conditions

1. The withdrawal condition for the bonus offered in this campaign (hereinafter referred to as “Bonus”) is that you must wager at least 3 times the amount of the Bonus.
2. The maximum withdrawal amount for this bonus is USD 500.
3. Please note that this bonus is valid for matches with odds of 1.8x or higher; if you wager less than 1.8x, the rollover will not be reflected as a wager.
4. please note that the maximum bet amount per wager is 10USD until the withdrawal requirements are met.
5. To earn this bonus, go to the Bonus page in “My Account” and click on “Earn”. The bonus will be forfeited if the earning deadline has passed.
6. The bonus is valid for 24 hours from the date of presentation. Please be sure to place your bets on the resulting matches within 24 hours after the bonus is given out. If you do not meet the withdrawal conditions and 24 hours have passed, the bonus will be voided and forfeited regardless of the outcome of the match.
7. This bonus is only available for sports betting and eSports games.
8. The campaign is subject to QUEEN CASINO’S GENERAL TERMS OF USE, as well as the Terms and Conditions of the campaign and the Sports Betting Rules.
9. QUEEN CASINO reserves the right to terminate or revise the campaign at any time without prior notice.。
10. This campaign is only applicable to customers with a Japan account (currency setting is USD).

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