BNG Aztec Fire Tournament

BNG Aztec Fire Tournament


2022/8/17 13:00 ~ 8/19 13:00 JST

[Total Prizes]

4,500 USD


Requirements to the Leaderboard: Play at BNG-selected games for at least 1 round with minimum 0.15 USD bet.
● Point Calculation: It is based on the highest multiplier rate of each winning round to calculate points. 1
multiplier = 1 Point.
● Winners: 100 positions.

Rank Prize(USD)
1 1,200
2 750
3 375
4 225
5 150
6 – 10 75
11 – 25 45
26 – 50 15
51 – 100 8

【Campaign Games】

Aztec Fire

【Terms & Conditions】

● Once the player meets the leaderboard requirements, the wins earned in previous qualified rounds during the tournament will be converted into points.
● The value of points will be rounded off to 2 decimal places when calculating points.
● Only qualified rounds are counted in this campaign.
● All prizes and bets in the campaign become invalid if any malfunction occurs.
● Anyone who participates in this campaign is deemed to agree with all the regulations of the campaign and the casino, and is willing to abide by it, The organizer reserves the right to modify and terminate this campaign at any time.
● Winners are able to claim their prizes in each campaign-designated game by clicking the collect button on the pop-up message after the campaign finishes, please be aware of the change in your account balance.
● Queen Casino’s GENERAL TERMS OF USE and Terms & Conditions apply.

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