“Please see below the frequently asked questions and answers to QUEEN CASINO.
If you have any questions that are not listed, please feel free to contact our player Support. “

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  • The connection was lost during the game.
    In the case of free spins, the results vary depending on the game and the game company. Please check the results after logging in again, and contact customer support if you have any questions.
    In the case of live games, if you have placed a confirmed bet, even if the connection is disconnected in the middle of the game, the result will be determined by the status at that time.
  • What if the dealer makes a mistake?
    In the event that the dealer makes an unexpected mistake, a decision will be made by the live studio manager (pit boss).If the game can be continued, it will be continued; if not, the game will be cancelled and the betting money will be refunded.
  • Can I hold or cancel my stake?
    No. All wagers cannot be held or cancelled after approval.