Mobile Footer Menu

Mobile Footer Menu

How to see Footer Menu(Mobile)

After Log in, you can see Remained balance and deposit button

  • 1. Home

    You can see Queen Casino Top page

  • 2. Promotion

    You can see details of Promotion

  • 3. Games

    You can see game genres and information

  • 4. Beginner’s guide

    You can see beginner’s page

  • 5. FAQ

    You can see FAQ page.

Game Popup Menu (Mobile)

When click Game Button at middle of site, you can see pop-up page and move to other page easy.

  • 1. Promotion

    You can see update promotion information

  • 2. Game Menu

    You can see the game by Genres

  • 3. Close

    You can close game page and move back to the original page