What is VIP Status?

What is VIP Status?

About VIP Status

We offer even more satisfying experiences for customers who are always enjoying Queen Casino.
With Queen Casino VIP membership, you will receive a wide range of special benefits depending on your status:
Only players who have been invited by the management team will be promoted to VIP members.

Promotion requirements for VIP membership

  • Diamond King Deposit:$100,000 Land Casino VIP Treatment Invitation, etc. Lots of other fun treatments☆

  • Platinum King Deposit: 50,000 USD Birthday Bonus Campaign + Gifts + Luxury Gifts

  • Gold King Deposit: $ 10,000 Birthday Bonus Campaign + Gifts

  • Silver King Deposit: $ 5,000 Exclusive VIP Manager Services + Line Phone Service

  • Bronze King Deposit: $ 2,000