User Registration Guide (Mobile)

User Registration Guide (Mobile)
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User Registration Guide (Mobile)

Registration in Queen Casino is very easy. You can easily register using either a desktop or a smartphone as well. In this page, we will guide you on how to register using a desktop in the easiest way possible.

Access to Official site

Click [User Registration] button at the upper on screen. You can move to the page fill in format page for new user registration

Enter your email address, password, and the required information.

Fill in all the blanks, read the terms of use, and check the “I read the terms of use”
Click “send” when all the formats are completed.

Input items are in order from the top

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Date of birth (western calendar)
  • Country (when you access from Japan, please select Japan)
  • Currency (when you access from Japan, please select US dollars)
  • Email address
  • Username (alphabet letters)
  • Password (must be a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters with 8-12 characters in length)
  • Reset password
  • Check agreement to the terms of use
  • Check if you would like to be notified about the campaigns and news

Click “send” button when all the entries are completed

Please enter the address excluding the prefecture in the [Address] entry field, and enter the prefecture in the [Prefecture] entry field.
You can only select USD as your currency.

You have now completed your registration.

We have sent you a welcome message regarding your email address verification.kindly check your email.

User registration is completed when this registration screen is displayed.
A welcome email has also been sent to you. Please kindly check your email.