Basic Knowledge


There are basically two types of odds for Queen Casino sports betting.

1. Odds placed before the match
2. Odds that can be placed after the match starts (live bet)

There are two main ways to bet on Queen Casino sports bets.

Single bets on one odds and multiple bets on multiple odds

This single bet and multi bet are the ways to divide bets. This is very similar in nature to horse racing, which is a form of public interest gambling in Japan.

1. Single bet: Bet on one odds

A single bet is as simple as betting one horse. Most players also use this method when betting on sports.

2. Multiple bet: Bet on multiple odds at once

Multi-bets help you play different strategies.

Sports bets are not just about winning or losing. For example, in the case of baseball, you can also bet on a combination of points, such as how many points you get and how many home runs you hit. increase.

This is the real thrill of multi-betting, and the odds of winning are quite low, but the odds are often high, so if you are confident in your match, you may want to try it.

In this way, each of the two betting methods has its own characteristics, and the usage varies depending on the person.

Get to know the 3 odds display formats!

Sports bets spread all over the world are betting by many participants from each country.
That’s where the odds come into play.
The display of the odds is the most important, as many people will bet on it. Different countries display these odds differently.

This is why most sports betting companies use 3 odds.
This can be changed on the site, so the smartest thing to do is figure out which one is most familiar to you.

First is Decimal

It is represented by a decimal point, and A $100 bet equals $250 at a multiplier of x2.5.
I think this is an easy-to-understand display for Japanese people.

Second is American

This is a unique American odds display method that is indicated by ± notation.

If the base amount is 100 and +130, if you bet $100 and win, you will get $100 and $130, if -110 , which is a bit confusing in the sense that if you hit $110, you get $110 and $100.

Simplistically, + indicates a dividend, with a base of 100. – indicates the stake required to get 100.
In the case of -210, is it an image that if you bet 210 and win, you will get 100?

The third is Fractional

Fractional odds display. This is the basic method in Europe.

Most of the sports bets are European companies, so this is the basic method.
Converting a fractional form to a decimal is done by adding both fractions and dividing by the denominator.

For example, in the case of 2/1, 2+1=3, 3÷1=3, and the dividend is tripled.
If you bet $100, you get $300 in dividends, and $200 in profit after deducting the $100 principal.

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