Types of odds

Types of odds

3way Betting

This is a betting that predicts a win, a loss, or a draw.
This is beginner level of sports bet.

2way Betting

This is a betting that predicts a win, or a loss of the result of a match without a draw.


As the name implies, the prediction is based on whether the number is above (OVER) or below (UNDER) the standard number.
A common bet is whether the game final score is above or below


This is the name of a win/loss prediction in American-style betting, synonymous with 3-way or 2-way.
Basically, you can understand it as a win/loss prediction.


“This is a betting method that adds a handicap to the outcome of a match.
The most common type of handicap is the AsianHandicap.
The odds change depending on the handicap value, so you can enjoy more sophisticated betting.
※When you bet on the Asian Handicap, you are considered to have hit the mark if you lose within the margin of error, even if you miss the mark, depending on the multiplier of your bet.
That’s what the word “”handicap”” means: “”If you miss, but within the margin of error, you are considered as a winner.
This is the feature of this method

Draw No bet

Bet on the team who will win for the designated match.If the result ended after official 90 minutes play is DRAW, all bets taken will be refunded. It means Draw or No Bet